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Q: How can I listen to CoverUp?

A: Listen to the samples on this website or download them from Soundcloud.

Q: How much does CoverUp cost?

A: Send us a message! Or give Paul a call on 07749 556998 Please include the date and location of your function and any other relevant details.

Q: What do the musicians need?

A: Most musicians may have travelled long distances to reach you, so they'll require a hot meal when they arrive at the venue and soft drinks to keep up their energy levels. As they'll be bringing electrical equipment, a power supply is also essential.

Q: What are CoverUp's different line-ups?

A: When we provide a quote we will tell you how much the different sizes of band cost so you can choose a line-up according to your requirements and budget.

Q: How long do you take to set up?

A: It usually takes us about 40 minutes to set up.

Q: How long do you play for?

A: We usually play 2 x 60 minute sets, but it can be adapted to suit you!

Q: Do you play recorded music during your breaks?

A: Yes, we play music from an iPod. If you prefer you can provide your own playlist on an iPod/iPad, or a Spotify link

Q: Can you play at our wedding ceremony/drinks reception/dinner as well as providing music for the evening?

A: Yes, this is something we do regularly. Please contact us with your requirements. You may prefer to have a smaller combo earlier in the day (i.e. a duo or jazz quartet) and have the rest of the band arrive in the evening.

Q: How much space do you need?

A: Probably less than you think, approximately 6m x 4m for the full 7-piece band. We are adept at fitting into unusual spaces! A stage isn't necessary (although it's a bonus if you do have one). We can also play outside, but will need to be under cover in case of rain as our equipment is easily damaged.

Q: How far do you travel?

A: The band will travel pretty much anywhere if costs are taken into consideration.

Q: What if I have to cancel?

A: With enough notice we may be able to cancel.

Q: Have CoverUp ever had to cancel?

A: If one of the band is taken ill, we have plenty of backup musicians and singers available.

Q: Our most common combinations are:

A: 7 - Full band with vocals, piano, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, drums and bass. 5 - vocals, piano, bass, drums and guitar.

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